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  My Extra Best Friend
(Friends for Keeps #5)
Dial Books, 2012
available in hardcover, paperback, and e-book formats
ages 8 to 11
  Publisher's Summary
  When Ida May goes to sleep-away camp, one of her cabin-mates is the last person she expected to ever see again: Elizabeth Evans—her last best friend—who moved away before the start of this series.
  Elizabeth just assumes they’ll pick up where they left off, but Ida has new best friends now. And how can Ida forgive her, especially when she won’t apologize for never having written even once?
This is a totally terrific summer camp book, with solid characters and good action. Even if you haven’t read the whole series, you will like it. Do not hesitate to give to the 7–11 year-old crowd! —Pat Schmatz, award winning author of Bluefish
“… Peer pressure, hurt feelings, mild ethical quandaries and middle-school group dynamics blend with arts-and-crafts, swimming and bonfires, as Ida May deals with Elizabeth's betrayal and decides if they can ever be friends again. Secondary plots dealing with bullying and crushes provide the finishing touches to this believable and accessible tale of friendship-on-the-rocks, and well-rounded characters raise it a notch above the usual series fare. Preteens will gobble up this girl-friendly depiction of the world of early middle school and its ensuing changes. A good choice for girls not quite ready to leave behind the innocence of childhood for the spills and thrills of adolescence.” — Kirkus Reviews
“… While the novel is definitely about the full camping experience… It is also a novel about trust, friendship, and accepting change and growth as a good thing.” — Becky's Book Reviews
My Extra Best Friend
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